アダムスゴルフ 2010 Tom Watson Palyers Grind Wedges
商品番号:ADM000105 商品名:Adams 2010 Tom Watson Palyers Grind Wedges

アダムスゴルフ IDEA Super LS Hybrids
商品番号:ADM0253 商品名:Adams IDEA Super LS Hybrids

アダムスゴルフ 2013 Tight Lies Fairway Woods
商品番号:ADM0260 商品名:Adams 2013 Tight Lies Fairway Woods

アダムスゴルフ 2013 Tight Lies Tour Fairway Woods
商品番号:ADM0261 商品名:Adams 2013 Tight Lies Tour Fairway Woods

アダムスゴルフ 2015 Tight Lies Fairway Woods
商品番号:ADM0305 商品名:Adams 2015 Tight Lies Fairway Woods

アダムスゴルフ IDEA Pro A12 Hybrids
商品番号:ADM11000166 商品名:Adams IDEA Pro A12 Hybrids Products Code:ADM11000166 Products Name:Adams IDEA Pro A12 Hybrids

アダムスゴルフ Idea A12 Hybrids
商品番号:ADM12000186 商品名:Adams Idea A12 Hybrids

アダムスゴルフ Speedline Fast12 Drivers
商品番号:ADM12000188 商品名:Adams Speedline Fast12 Drivers

アダムスゴルフ Speedline Fast12 Fairway Woods
Adams Speedline Fast12 Fairway Woods The Adams Speedline Fast 12 fairway wood features Second Generation Velocity Slot Technology (VST). Second Generation VST – a slot within a slot – has helped engineers build upon the benefits found in the first generation of VST producing an 11% increase in CT over the Speedline Fast 11 and a 22% increase over fairway woods without a slot. This is because the new slot design in the Fast 12 fairway wood allows the clubface to compress more thus delivering higher ball speed + higher launch angle for dramatically longer carry distance and total distance. •Our longest and most forgiving ever! •VST 2.0 for even more ball speed forgiveness and better launch conditions •Easy playability from all lies (both tee and ground) Draw & Standard Models. •New Grafalloy Pro Launch with Speed coat technology. Speedline Fast12 Draw Fairway Woods 商品番号:ADM12000191 商品名:Adams Speedline Fast12 Fairway Woods Products Code:ADM12000191 Products Name:Adams Speedline Fast12 Fairway Woods

アダムスゴルフ Puglielli Black Wedges
商品番号:ADM12000212 商品名:Adams Puglielli Black Wedges