アダムスゴルフ Ladies IDEA Tech V4 Hybrids
商品番号:ADM0234 商品名:Adams Ladies IDEA Tech V4 Hybrids

アダムスゴルフ IDEA Super S Hybrids
商品番号:ADM0252 商品名:Adams IDEA Super S Hybrids

アダムスゴルフ 2013 Tight Lies Fairway Woods
商品番号:ADM0260 商品名:Adams 2013 Tight Lies Fairway Woods

アダムスゴルフ Ladies IDEA Hybrids
商品番号:ADM0266 商品名:Adams Ladies IDEA Hybrids

アダムスゴルフ 2014 IDEA Hybrids
商品番号:ADM0268 商品名:Adams 2014 IDEA Hybrids

アダムスゴルフ 2014 IDEA Hybrid Irons
Adams 2014 IDEA Hybrid Irons Their research over the many years that they’ve led the golf world in hybrid iron sets clearly shows that most golfers typically hit the ball away from the center of the clubface (close to 80% of the time). They’re here to help that with the new idea. These are more forgiving and easier to hit where you need it most – across the entire clubface. A significant difference between New Idea Hybrid Irons and past models is the new wraparound slot technology. With transitional hybrid irons (6-7) in the set these clubs bridge the gap between the hybrids and short irons. The 270° slots start from the heel area and cover the sole around the clubhead to the topline – allowing the unsupported face to flex for higher ball speeds and more forgiveness no matter where the ball is struck on the face. New Cut-Thru sole slot design in the hybrids makes ball speed and launch higher and adds extra distance on off-center shots. There's an actual wrap-around slot – never seen before in golf clubs – that expands the sweet spot for up to 44% more speed on off-center shots and 23% more speed on center shots compared to our industry-leading Idea a12OS. 商品番号:ADM0269 商品名:Adams 2014 IDEA Hybrid Irons Products Code:ADM0269 Products Name:Adams 2014 IDEA Hybrid Irons

アダムスゴルフ XTD Titanium Drivers
商品番号:ADM0273 商品名:Adams XTD Titanium Drivers

アダムスゴルフ XTD Titanium Fairway Woods
商品番号:ADM0274 商品名:Adams XTD Titanium Fairway Woods

アダムスゴルフ XTD Titanium Hybrids
商品番号:ADM0275 商品名:Adams XTD Titanium Hybrids

アダムスゴルフ 2010 Idea Black CB2 Individual Irons
Adams 2010 Idea Black CB2 Individual Irons Tour proven and designed to deliver performance and workability with forgiveness. A world class set of eight irons forged from soft 8620 carbon steel. • Forged 8620 carbon steel construction delivers the responsive feel that aspiring players demand. • Vibration absorbing cavity design for optimal feel and sound. • Dual perimeter weighting increases forgiveness and lowers the center-of-gravity. • Each head has milled grooves that comply with 2010 USGA competition requirements while maximizing spin from all playing conditions. • Four-way cambered mid-width sole reduces turf interaction for consistent ball striking and shot making. • Progressive offset optimizes trajectories and distance through the entire set. • Dramatic Ni-Cr (Nickel Chromium) plated black finish for a sleek and hot look. • High performance KBS Tour 90 steel shaft or Matrix Studio 84 graphite shaft. ClubLoftLieLengthSwing WeightHand#423°60.25°39""D3RHGW50°63.75°35.5""D3RH 商品番号:ADM0287 商品名:Adams 2010 Idea Black CB2 Individual Irons Products Code:ADM0287 Products Name:Adams 2010 Idea Black CB2 Individual Irons