キャロウェイゴルフ Junior Gloves
Junior Gloves 商品番号:CAL000146 商品名:Callaway Junior Gloves Products Code:CAL000146 Products Name:Callaway Junior Gloves

キャロウェイゴルフ X-22 Tour Irons
Callaway X-22 Tour Irons Performance irons designed for accomplished golfers seeking premium feel and stability. To improve on the highly successful X-20 Tour Irons Callaway Golf engineers added new features that allow the X-22 Tour Irons to play even better and feel even softer. Precision Notch Weighting and a new sleeker hosel combine to raise the moment of inertia (MOI) for better stability and allow the center of gravity (CG) to be moved lower and more in line with the center of the face. This generates ideal trajectories and significantly enhances the level of feel. The head shape has been refined with the thinnest possible topline while still using a 360-Degree Undercut Channel and the optimized sole width progression provides better turf interaction. • Precision Notch Weighting: Precisely positions more weight to the perimeter of the iron to create a higher MOI for greater forgiveness and stability while maintaining the CG position that produces ideal trajectories and feel. • Tour-Proven Head Shape: Features the thinnest topline possible while still incorporating a 360-Degree Undercut Channel. The blade length is shorter and the CG has been moved lower and in line with the center of the face to provide unparalleled performance with enhanced feel. • Redesigned Hosel: The sleeker design significantly improves feel and allows the hosel to be more easily adjusted to fit a golfer's custom specifications. • Sole Width Progression: The sole width of each iron has been optimized based on the length and loft to provide better turf interaction through the entire set. • Callaway Golf Core Technologies: VFT Technology maximizes ball speed and perimeter weighting for more distance and forgiveness. 360-Degree Undercut Channel maximizes perimeter weighting by moving the CG lower and farther back in the clubhead enlarging the hitting area and stabilizing the clubhead for more forgiveness. 商品番号:CAL000186 商品名:Callaway X-22 Tour Irons Products Code:CAL000186 Products Name:Callaway X-22 Tour Irons

キャロウェイゴルフ Chev18 Clubhouse Duffel
Callaway Chev18 Clubhouse Duffel • Stay organized with this spacious carry-on size duffel • Main compartment with lockable zipper sliders features a u-shaped opening that extends to the bottom of the bag for full interior access • Two interior mesh stash pockets • Organizational panel with key fob and slots for credit cards electronic devices and more • Dual end pockets provide additional packing space • Padded adjustable shoulder strap with anti-slip surface provides comfort and stabilizes heavy loads • Dual cargo handles with unifying wrap • Dimensions: 20""w x 10.5""h x 10""d 商品番号:CAL000353-CTG 商品名:Callaway Chev18 Clubhouse Duffel

キャロウェイゴルフ Diablo Edge Tour Fairway Woods
商品番号:CAL000382 商品名:Callaway Diablo Edge Tour Fairway Woods

キャロウェイゴルフ X Series Jaws Chrome Wedge
Callaway X Series Jaws Chrome Wedge These wedges designed by master craftsman Roger Cleveland produce maximum spin and versatility for the short game while providing tour-level feel from soft forged carbon steel. • Aggressively-sized Mack Daddy® Grooves are designed at the maximum conforming depth and width for shot-stopping spin and control that allows golfers to take aim at the hole. • The C-Grind® relieves the heel toe and trailing edge resulting in a ‘C’ shape on the sole. The shape plus a tighter heel-toe radius and proper bounce improves turf interaction and enables golfers to lay the face open while keeping the leading edge down. • The forged 1020 carbon steel allows for better feel and feedback around the greens. The Triple Net Forging process produces incredible consistency in construction. • Each wedge is available in either the Soft Milky Chrome finish. Golfers can also choose steel or graphite shafts. LoftHandBounceLengthLie AngleSwing Weight56°LH16°35.25""64°D2 商品番号:CAL0444 商品名:Callaway X Series Jaws Chrome Wedge Products Code:CAL0444 Products Name:Callaway X Series Jaws Chrome Wedge

キャロウェイゴルフ HX Practice 9-Pack Golf Balls
Callaway HX Practice 9-Pack Golf Balls • Durable soft-flite golf balls • Features Callaway’s patented hex pattern dimples • Simulates actual ball flight • Includes mesh carry bag 商品番号:CAL0730 商品名:Callaway HX Practice 9-Pack Golf Balls

キャロウェイゴルフ HX Practice 18-Pack Golf Balls
商品番号:CAL0731 商品名:Callaway HX Practice 18-Pack Golf Balls

キャロウェイゴルフ Upro Travel Case (#5911592)
Callaway Upro Travel Case (#5911592) Uproトラベルケースは防水加工されており、またハードケースになってるの安全にデバイスやアクセサリーを保管しておくことが出来ます。 Uproストレージケースより少し大きいので、バッテリー以外にもUSBケーブルやカーチャージャーも収納できます。 The upro mx+ accessories allow for flexibility with your device whether you’re on or off the course. This durable water-resistant hard case is perfect for carrying all the necessary equipment for the upro GPS device during travel. It provides a perfect fit and easy storage of the device an extra battery USB cable wall and car chargers and protects the device when not in use. キャロウェイ Upro MX+ & Upro Mx+ アクセサリー 商品番号:CAL0801 商品名:Callaway Upro Travel Case (#5911592) Products Code:CAL0801 Products Name:Callaway Upro Travel Case (#5911592)

キャロウェイゴルフ X Hot Hybrids
Callaway X Hot Hybrids キャロウェイ X ホット ハイブリッド キャロウェイから2013年モデル X HOT ハイブリッドの登場です!X Hot ハイブリッドは今までのハイブリッドと何が違うか!?それは「驚きの飛距離」が実現可能になったことです!その特徴はキャロウェイドライバーで採用されている、スピードフレームフェースを備えより初速スピードを上げオフセンターヒットでもより飛距離を出すことが実現!つかまりの良さと安定性に加え今までにない初速スピードと高い弾道で伸びのある力強い弾が期待できます!初心者でも安心して使いやすい「キャロウェイ X HOT ハイブリッド」!!3H〜6Hまでありますのでロングアイアンが苦手な方に是非とも使っていただきたい商品です! Fueled For Distance and Performance These long high performing hybrids have a Speed Frame Face for incredibly fast ball speeds and a modern Warbird soleplate for enhanced playability from any lie. The club shape allows for the distance and forgiveness of a fairway wood with the accuracy and control of an iron providing the perfect complement to our X Hot Irons and an ideal replacement for long irons. Speed Frame Face • Creates incredibly fast ball speeds Modern Warbird Sole • Updated design builds off of one of the most versatile fairways ever produced to allow for more dynamic shot-shaping Configured For Distance • The loft length cg height and Speed Frame Face are designed to provide powerful trajectories and optimized distance 商品番号:CAL0826 商品名:Callaway X Hot Hybrids Products Code:CAL0826 Products Name:Callaway X Hot Hybrids

キャロウェイゴルフ RAZR Fit Xtreme Fairway Woods
Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Fairway Woods Designed for Extreme Distance and Extreme Versatility these fairway woods feature Speed Frame Face technology to deliver higher ball speeds all over the clubface. The proprietary adjustable hosel also allows golfers to dial in shot shape and trajectory for maximum distance. OptiFit® Technology • OptiFit Hosel allows golfers to set the face angle in either Open Square or Closed positions to improve accuracy and trajectory. Speed Frame™ Face Technology • A combination of VFT® and Hyperbolic Face™ Technology creates a larger sweet spot and increases ball speeds across the steel face for longer more consistent distance • Saves weight that can be redistributed to the perimeter of the clubhead for a higher MOI Tour Grade Aldila Trinity Shaft • High performance graphite shafts for maximum consistency and performance Model3W4W5W7WFace AngleAdjustableAdjustableAdjustableAdjustableLie Angle57°57.5°58°58.5°Club Length43""42.75""42.25""41.75""Head Volume155cc150cc145cc140ccHead Weight209g212g216g221gSwing WeightD2D2D2D2Left HandYesNoYesNoAdjustable WeightsNoNoNoNoAdjustable HoselYesYesYesYes 商品番号:CAL0844 商品名:Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Fairway Woods Products Code:CAL0844 Products Name:Callaway RAZR Fit Xtreme Fairway Woods