Clicgear Wheel Cover
Clicgear Wheel Cover Designed to Perfectly Fit Clicgear Model 1.0 ~ 3.5 carts Great for off-season storage and keeping your vehicle clean. Nylon elastics fits over wheels for storage. 商品番号:CLG0004 商品名:Clicgear Wheel Cover

Clicgear Storage Hook
Clicgear Storage Hook Fits ALL Clicgear Cart Models (except Model 6) The Clicgear Storage Hook is a great way to hang your Clicgear Cart out of the way when not in use. Works great to stay organized at home or at the course. Comes with Mounting Screws & Instructions. Clicgear/Rovic Push Carts 商品番号:CLG0005 商品名:Clicgear Storage Hooks (#CGSH01)

Clicgear 2012 Shoe Brush
Clicgear 2012 Shoe Brush The Clicgear™ SHOE BRUSH is great for days when the grass just won't let go. The brush will not affect folding and can remain on the cart. Snaps easily onto to either side rear wheel tubing struts. Brushes are sold separately ( Qty. 1 per Package ). Fits all Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0 Carts. 商品番号:CLG0006 商品名:Clicgear 2012 Shoe Brush

Clicgear Mitts (#CGM001)
The Clicgear? MITT makes playing golf on cold days much more comfortable by keeping your hands warm and dry between shots. Made of quality lined windproof and waterproof material with velcro closure. Also has built in pockets for heat packs. Fits Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0 Carts. Will also work great on all other brand name 3 wheel push carts. 商品番号:CLG0010 商品名:Clicgear Mitts (#CGM001) Products Code:CLG0010 Products Name:Clicgear Mitts (#CGM001)

Clicgear 2012 Seat
Clicgear 2012 Seat Clicgear™ SEAT allows you to sit down and relax on those days where things are slow or you just need to relax. Designed to fit perfectly with your Clicgear Cart and provide a stable and durable seat. It is all aluminum construction which high quality fit and finish to ensure a long lasting addition to your favorite cart. Some installation required. Rated for 220lbs (100kg) Maximum Weight. Fits all Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0 Carts with either Tube or Tubeless tires. 商品番号:CLG0014 商品名:Clicgear 2012 Seat

Clicgear Cooler Bags
Clicgear Cooler Bags Clicgear™ COOLER BAG is designed to allow for the storage of cold drinks as well as a few snacks while on the course. Holds up to six cans in the lower insulated pocket with plenty of room in the upper pockets for other items. Made from insulated and waterproof materials to ensure it stays cool. Fits all Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0 Carts. 商品番号:CLG0016 商品名:Clicgear Cooler Bags

Clicgear Towel
Clicgear Towel Keep your clubs clean with the Clicgear Towel. The Clicgear Towel is designed to snap right onto your Clicgear cart. The Towel has a built in scrubber cloth and is made from quality microfiber material. The tri-fold design saves space and looks tidy on the cart. Fits all Clicgear and Rovic brand carts. 商品番号:CLG0017 商品名:Clicgear Towel

ClicGear クリックギア 3.5+ Push Carts
ClicGear 3.5+ Push Carts さらにアップグレードしたクリックギア プッシュカート3.5+がついに登場!! 収納ネットやカップホルダーも前モデルよりも大きくなり、さまざまな機能もグレードアップ↑ 超、軽くてカラフル、折りたたんだら、驚きの小ささ。。。 2013 launches the introduction of the Clicgear Model 3.5+. Starting from the award-winning compact design the Model 3.5+ incorporates 5 upgrades from the previous model. • 80%大きくなった、たっぷりサイズの収納ネット • 大きくなったカップホルダーエム • バッグのストラップシステムをより良く改善 • アンブレラホルダーストラージブラケットをより良く改善 • ポジティブ ロック ブレーキシステムをより良く改善 商品番号:CLG0020 商品名:ClicGear 3.5+ Push Carts Products Code:CLG0020 Products Name:ClicGear 3.5+ Push Carts

ClicGear クリックギア Rovic RV1C Push Carts
ClicGear Rovic RV1C Push Carts Rovic is an exciting new direction of push carts that provides first-class design at a great price. Rovic’s fresh and edgy styling incorporates angular lines with a modern silhouette. In addition all Rovic components and accessories are assembled with highly robust and resilient parts all without taking away from the streamlined lightweight frame. The RV1C is Rovic's entry in to the compact push cart market. Featuring the same quality design and materials as the other Rovic carts the RV1C collapses down to 24""x15""x13"". 商品番号:CLG0025 商品名:ClicGear Rovic RV1C Push Carts Products Code:CLG0025 Products Name:ClicGear Rovic RV1C Push Carts

ClicGear クリックギア 8.0 Push Cart
ClicGear 8.0 Push Cart クリックギアー モデル 8.0 フォーホイール カート 史上最高の4輪カート!「クリックギアー モデル 8.0 フォーホイール カート」の登場です。 特許取得済みの4XFOLD折りたたみデザインの「モデル8.0」は機能や新たな技術革新が満載されています。 とにかくコンパクトで軽量!車での持ち運びも苦になりません。また使い勝手が最高〜。 ゴルフバックのセットがとっても簡単で取り付けアクセサリーが豊富〜大容量クーラーボックスやサイドシート、ブラシなどなどラウンドで必要なグッズが全てセット可能〜! でも安定感バッチリの4輪!健康的な歩きラウンドにもってこいの商品ですね。 「ClicGear Model 8.0 Four Wheel Carts」 The Clicgear Model 8.0 is very unique. The design started with many requests for us to do a four wheel cart from our loyal customers. Most wanted to upgrade to something bigger and better from the Clicgear they already owned. The project started two years ago with the basics requirements and a long wish list of things we would like to do with the design. After two long years we were finally happy with the design and started production on what will most likely be the benchmark for premium four wheel golf carts for a long time. The Model 8.0 features our new and patented 4XFOLD™ technology that allows all four wheels to fold making for a much smaller folded size. This also allowed us to make the front wheels open wider as well for greater stability. You’ll also notice there is no ‘lawnmower’ type front axle to slow you down in tall grass. Two major design improvements on four wheel cart design include dual front brakes and dual front wheel alignment. The dual front brakes allow for the cart to be quickly maneuvered around the green with the brake on. The Dual front wheel alignment makes this the first four wheel cart that can actually be adjusted to do straight. Hand BreakThe Model 8.0 uses an over center type hand brake to operate the dual cable brake system. Oversized Console with Magnetic and Strap ClosureThe huge console lid locks with magnets during play and locks with a durable strap during transport or storage.V-Slide to CloseThe all new patented frame on the Model 8.0 is unique with the only four wheel folding design on the market. No lawnmower front axles here. Patented FrameThey have tested a lot of golf carts at Clicgear in the last 10 years. None have tested as strong and durable as this one.Patented Foot StepThis little feature makes folding a breeze. The step holds the cart in place while you fold or unfold the cart. It looks cool too.Dual Front Wheel AdjustmentThey are so impressed with this little feature. Finally a four wheel cart that can be made to go straight with the turn of a single screw.Ultralight WheelDesigned with a goal of reducing the amount of materials required to build them as the main goal without a loss of strength these wheels are still strong and mould balanced. 商品番号:CLG0027 商品名:ClicGear 8.0 Push Cart Products Code:CLG0027 Products Name:ClicGear 8.0 Push Cart