Clicgear Wheel Covers (#CGWC01)
The Clicgear? WHEEL COVER allows you to quickly cover up your carts wheels before loading your Clicgear Cart into your car or storage locker. Made of waterproof nylon. Comes with its own drawstring storage bag. Fits all Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0 Carts with either Tube or Tubeless tires. 商品番号:CLG0004 商品名:Clicgear Wheel Covers (#CGWC01) Products Code:CLG0004 Products Name:Clicgear Wheel Covers (#CGWC01)

Clicgear Storage Hooks (#CGSH01)
The Clicgear? STORAGE HOOK is a great way to hang your Clicgear Cart out of the way when not in use. Works great at home or at your local course. Comes with mounting screws and instructions. Fits all Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0 Carts. 商品番号:CLG0005 商品名:Clicgear Storage Hooks (#CGSH01) Products Code:CLG0005 Products Name:Clicgear Storage Hooks (#CGSH01)

Clicgear Shoe Brushes (#CGCB01)
The Clicgear? SHOE BRUSH is great for days when the grass just won't let go. The brush will not affect folding and can remain on the cart. Snaps easily onto to either side rear wheel tubing struts. Brushes are sold separately ( Qty. 1 per Package ). Fits all Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0 Carts. 商品番号:CLG0006 商品名:Clicgear Shoe Brushes (#CGCB01) Products Code:CLG0006 Products Name:Clicgear Shoe Brushes (#CGCB01)

Clicgear 2.0 Wheel Kits (#CGWK)
The Clicgear? WHEEL KIT is the only way to upgrade the original tube tires on your Model 1.0 Clicgear Cart (2007 model) to the new Model 2.0 Airless Wheels. New wheels can dress up your Model 2.0 and 3.0 cart as well. This new wheel design is wider and has a much better course friendly profile. It also eliminates the required maintenance of tube tires. Comes with mounting screws and instructions. Kit includes 3 wheels axles (installed) and brake element (installed). 商品番号:CLG0007 商品名:Clicgear 2.0 Wheel Kits (#CGWK) Products Code:CLG0007 Products Name:Clicgear 2.0 Wheel Kits (#CGWK)

Clicgear Sand bottles (#CGSB01)
The Clicgear? SAND BOTTLE Conveniently holds sand for reseeding divots. Clips easily to the cart. Includes 2 separate mounting clips one to be secured on the handle for sand to be close at hand while playing. The other clip is to be mounted near the lower bag support for use while storing. Fits Clicgear Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0. The Sand Bottle can also be mounted on other push cart brands with 1"" Tubing. 商品番号:CLG0008 商品名:Clicgear Sand bottles (#CGSB01) Products Code:CLG0008 Products Name:Clicgear Sand bottles (#CGSB01)

Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjusters (#CGUA01)
The Clicgear? UMBRELLA ANGLE ADJUSTER allows you to easily adjust the angle of your cart umbrella both front and back as well as side to the side. Raises umbrella approximately 3"" higher than the standard umbrella holder. Fits Clicgear Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0. This item will also mount on most other brand name 3 wheel carts with 1/4"" screw handle mount. 商品番号:CLG0009 商品名:Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjusters (#CGUA01) Products Code:CLG0009 Products Name:Clicgear Umbrella Angle Adjusters (#CGUA01)

Clicgear Mitts (#CGM001)
The Clicgear? MITT makes playing golf on cold days much more comfortable by keeping your hands warm and dry between shots. Made of quality lined windproof and waterproof material with velcro closure. Also has built in pockets for heat packs. Fits Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0 Carts. Will also work great on all other brand name 3 wheel push carts. 商品番号:CLG0010 商品名:Clicgear Mitts (#CGM001) Products Code:CLG0010 Products Name:Clicgear Mitts (#CGM001)

Clicgear Cooler Tubes (#CGCB02)
The Clicgear? COOLER TUBE allows for easy cold drink storage on the course with your Clicgear Cart. Made from waterproof nylon it is insulated and lined to keep drinks colder for a longer time. (Approx. Dimensions 4.75"" x 11"") Fits all Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0 Carts and will also fit other brand name push carts with 1"" tubing. Comes with Clicgear Accessory Tab for mounting. 商品番号:CLG0011 商品名:Clicgear Cooler Tubes (#CGCB02) Products Code:CLG0011 Products Name:Clicgear Cooler Tubes (#CGCB02)

Clicgear Seats (#CGCS01)
Clicgear? SEAT allows you to sit down and relax on those days where things are slow or you just need to relax. Designed to fit perfectly with your Clicgear Cart and provide a stable and durable seat. It is all aluminum construction which high quality fit and finish to ensure a long lasting addition to your favorite cart. Some installation required. Rated for 220lbs (100kg) Maximum Weight. Fits all Model 1.0 Model 2.0 and Model 3.0 Carts with either Tube or Tubeless tires. 商品番号:CLG0014 商品名:Clicgear Seats (#CGCS01) Products Code:CLG0014 Products Name:Clicgear Seats (#CGCS01)

Clicgear 2016 Umbrellas (#CGU002)
商品番号:CLG0015 商品名:Clicgear 2016 Umbrellas (#CGU002)